donderdag 30 juni 2011

Updates and new free version of X-Ray Attenuation Calculator

NFS Shift Unlocker: At least there is still one person out there who says the NFS Shift Unlocker doesn't work for a device. So I updated the Unlocker to make it easier for people to report if the Unlocker does not work (and hopefully the feedback will let me track down the bug for the unlucky few).

X-Ray Attenutation Calculator: I only now found out that achartengine 0.6 does not work on android 1.6, so I in the latest update I changed the requirements. Also a possible bugfix on screen rotation was fixed, and the size of the app was decreased.

X-Ray Attenutation Calculator Free:  I made a free version too for the X-Ray Attenuation Calculator. You can find it at

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