maandag 19 september 2011

Asphalt 5 Unlocker published

After the success of the Need For Speed Shift Unlocker, I now released the Asphalt 5 Unlocker. Although the Asphalt 5 game is more difficult than the Need For Speed game, it is actually more fun to play. And to make it even more attractive there is now an unlocker to speed up your game.
Right now the unlocker gives you plenty of money, all regular cars and girls, and access to all events. Later updates will bring some more features.

Free version of EGA Handicap Calculator

I just released the free version of the EGA Handicap Calculator. There is quite some interest for this app. And I got a request to build the same app with USGA rules. Fine with me, if somebody can give me the USGA equivalent of the Stableford score handicap improvement system?

zondag 4 september 2011

New app in the market: EGA Handicap Calculator

This time it is a sports app: the EGA Handicap Calculator. I cannot understand why nobody has made this before: If you are a regular golf player, you want to be able to quickly see the progress you have made in the last couple of months, right? I know I do, so here it is, get it from the market.

Need For Speed Shift Unlocker temporarily unavailable

The icon of the Need For Speed Shift Unlocker needs to be revised. This means that the unlocker will be unavailable for a little while. Sorry for any inconvenience!