dinsdag 2 augustus 2011

Archos Gen8 kernel with iptables and ext4

The Archos 70Sit is a very nice and cheap Android tablet. However, it can do with some improvements. If you want te have
  • the latest stock firmware
  • root access
  • 1GB ext4 data partition
  • iptables support for Droidwall
then you better read further!
Thanks to the great work done by recognized XDA devs as chrulri and $aur0n I now managed to compile my own kernel for stock Archos Gen8, with support for iptables (so Droidwall can be used) and ext4 (so a 1GB ext4 /data partition can be made on internal sd card).

If you want to enhance your Archos with these features, head over to my xda-forum post.

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